What is the F1 Paddock Club?

Formula One has a long tradition as being at the top of the sporting world. Globally recognised and with races held throughout the world, it’s hugely popular.


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In this article, we take a look at Paddock Club F1 and its position within one of the world’s most emulated sports.

Top of the tree

When entering any Paddock Club F1, one of the first things you will become aware of is an understated air of opulence. It is undoubtedly a place where you and your VIP guests will be well looked after for the duration of your stay.

Special occasion

It goes without saying that watching an F1 race is an exhilarating event, packed with action and excitement. Inside the Paddock Club F1 takes on a whole new level of excitement, with its prime location for watching both on and off track action.

Location, location, location

The prime viewing location of Paddock Clubs the world over offers unrivalled positioning from where to enjoy some of the season’s best racing. That’s just one thing that viewers love about motor racing. A visit to any one of the Paddock Clubs, from Monaco to Shanghai to the home of F1 at Silverstone, is a fabulous occasion, allowing guests to see race starts and pit stops, right in the heart of the action.


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All inclusive

Being an F1 Paddock Club guest is a celebrity-style experience and gives you access to F1 Paddock Tours, as well as pit lane access and the best in fine dining and the all-important champagne bar. Most also provide a concierge service, as well as extras such as entertainment, appearances by the drivers, hosts and truck tours.

VIP extras

Formula 1 Paddock Club 2019 VIP benefits include that little bit extra too, such as access to 21 events in some of the world’s most fabulous and glamorous locations, behind the scene visits, private suites, dedicated parking, photo opportunities with the trophy, business facilities, the best in food and wine, a networking app, access to an exclusive club boutique, access to the race Paddock, Paddock Club access lanes, which are located above the F1 team garages (not available in Monaco), exclusive access to the pit lane, guided laps around the course in a special drivers’ parade truck, access to the team and drivers at special appearances, as well as refreshments and champagne.