The Premier Benefits of Joining a Country Club

Although it may seem like something out of a time period long past, country club life is still popular throughout many parts of the country. The club atmosphere lets you bask in the finer things of life while creating lasting relationships with other members of your community. If you have been holding out on getting a country club membership, here are three reasons why you may want to reconsider.

Premium Tee Times

Most golf courses allow you to reserve tee times. However, because your community golf course has such a high number of people who visit it every day, it can typically not allow you to reserve a premium time. Your country club will offer reservations for premium tee times, making this a perfect option for business lunches and corporate events.

Money Savings

While this one may seem initially confusing to you if you have noticed the cost for joining a country club, you should realize that the club initiation fee is a one-time cost. Although high when you pay it, you will reap the benefits of that one fee for years and will be able to enjoy saving money on your monthly golf charges. This is ideal if you are a regular golfer. Plus, equipment and golf carts are typically included rather than requiring a separate fee.

Plenty of Amenities

Your nearby country club does not exist solely for golf. Instead, all country clubs offer amenities, such as fine dining and bar service, for their guests. For example, along with Scottsdale country club golf you will find such onsite amenities as concierge service, dry cleaning and car washes. Other sports are typically offered as well, including tennis and swimming.

Country clubs these days are not just for the elite or for the elderly. Instead, most clubs have amped up their offerings to appeal to young professionals and families. Be sure to look for a club with many amenities that are designed to make your life less stressful and more carefree.